Tracing Our Roots - Small Group Workshops


        Going Deeper in Our Black Family History

New to genealogy? Old to genealogy? Overwhelmed by it?  Don't stop.  Black family history is THE most valuable pursuit you can participate in. Our ancestors need you.  Our youth need you.  Learning about who you are, where you come from, and “meeting” the thousands of people who came before you, is life-changing. There are plenty of websites, libraries, and printed sources out there, but access to all that information can leave us feeling defeated. In this hands-on workshop (Tracing Our Roots: Ankobia6) , we will approach your obstacles, your challenges and your questions.  You will learn from others how to navigate the deeper steps in tracing your family history and learn strategies for researching.

First-come, first served (8 participant max).

Small Group Workshop #1:

Sunday May 6th at 2:00pm

Presented by Brother Joel Mackall,  Historian/Teacher, ReIdren Business Group. Our office location: 1452 Dorchester Avenue, 4th Fl. (Fields Corner), Dorch. MA 02122

  1. Hands-on 6-8 person small group workshop (3hrs)
  2. Fields Corner Office with wifi & widescreen presentation
  3. Includes Workbook Materials
  1. Hands-on 6-8 person small group workshop (3hrs)
  2. Fields Corner Office with wifi & widescreen presentation
  3. Includes Workbook Materials
  4. One follow-up Research Inquiry - Scheduled Google Meeting (one-on-one)

“I want the next class! (classes).”
”Was very helpful - have used the resources in the last week successfully & will continue.”
”Joel was a wonderful facilitator. He answered all questions + took the time to explain everything in detail.”

— Former students

Small Group Session Overview

We are all aware of the toll that lack of self-knowledge and self-respect and mis-education can take on our community.  Black Genealogy means more: there's something at stake and at its best we are all a part of that.  Working in a small group is a collective exploration of ideas, is more open-ended and exciting.  What do we come away with?  Ankobia6 helps us:

  1. Build intelligent family research plans.
  2. Generate findings that carry values & traditions forward.
  3. Receive training in basic genealogy research, technology use, internet navigation and other work skills needed to re-construct our own personal family history and align it to the wider global Ourstory

This session will help you with specific next steps of your you to recover your Personal History better, deeper & with meaning.  Don't miss out.


About Your Roots Facilitator

    Bro. Joel Mackall is an award winning Educator & Project Developer with the ReIdren Business Group based in Roxbury MA.  He was the co-founder of the SOS Living Museum, the Hidden History of Black Boston Tours, the Nubian Writer's Group and is a self-published author.  He has also served as secretary of the Cameroonians of Lowell Association, as an officer on the Warren Gardens Housing Cooperative board, on the advisory council of the Network of Immigrant and African American Solidarity and as a technology chairperson with the Black Community Information Center. 

    Bro. Joel presented "Excellence AND Culture: Operating Your Cooperative Better, Simpler and Truer" at the National Association of Housing Cooperatives Annual Conference in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands and "Why Do We Black Folks Hate On Each Other?" at the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations' Ancient Egyptian Studies Conference in Newark, NJ.  He has led/facilitated numerous professional workshops in Greater Boston on topics including genealogy, African & world history , business design and technology at the Freedom House, Mother Caroline Academy, Warren Gardens, Roxbury Multi-Service Center, Roxbury Community College, Emerson College, Lesley College, South Bay House of Correction, almost all of the BPL neighborhood branches and Walden Square Technology Center (north Cambridge), in both English and Spanish. To learn more/contact Joel at cell# below or drop a message in the form.

                Bro. Joel Mackall

                Bro. Joel Mackall


New to this type of investigation?  This hands-on workshop helps tie YOUR personal history to local history to World history & back to YOU and US.




Tracing Our Roots small group workshop is a part of the larger Ankobia6 Program.  "Ankobia" in Twi means those who lead the battle in commitment and courage.  Ankobia6 (A6), is a 'finding family roots' program for individuals or groups of community residents.  It involves research, discovery and presentation (story-telling).  Participants move through six phases of global genealogy and history for beginners (A6):

A1. Why Roots?   A2. Autobiography   A3. Elders   A4. Sasha & Zamani (ancestors 'in' living memory and 'beyond' living memory)   A5. Afrika I Belong (deep ancestry)   A6. Bearing Tradition (sharing/story-telling event)


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