Roots.  Universal Political Fluency.  Quality Work Skills.


Teaching & Consulting

News: We are honored to work Black History & Tours with Parents’ Management Inc in Roxbury.

We also design customized projects that can include:

  • Business Design

  • Leadership Skills & Process Mapping Workshops

  • Learning Technology - Classes/Proj.

  • Black History Projects

  • Technology, After-school & Life Skill Programs

  • Residential Adult Ed, Youth Ed & Technology

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Educational Posters

We have something which both educates and is a thing of beauty. In these times of misinformation & miseducation, our posters help shift how American history and especially our Black history is told & presented. Decorate your home or office/school with them today (smile).



Learn about African America & anti-blackness in Boston/New England on our Walking Tours & Van Tours.  Or bring the museum to You, with 'Black Connections' - Mobile Black History Museum that presents 100s of hands-on artifacts, images & documents.


Ankobia6 (Genealogy)

"Ankobia" in Twi means the ones who lead the battle in commitment and courage.  Ankobia6 (A6), is a workshop designed to help individuals or small groups of community residents, of all ages, begin lifelong family history research



...a Roxbury-based independent education company, (BOBO).  Our mission: help Black folks think better of ourselves through 1) knowledge of our Roots, 2) Universal Political Fluency and 3) Quality Work Skills.  Work starts with Finding Family Roots (genealogy) classes, our mobile black history museum called 'Black Connections' and our Hidden History of Black Boston/New England tours.  We also deliver quality work skills education to our neighbors.  Teaching/Consulting areas include: technology, life skills, work preparation and helping our organizations & businesses operate better, operate simpler & operate truer.


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ReIdren is grateful to receive two awards: the Dudley Square Library Branch Fellowes Atheneum Fund to fund FREE technology programming for seniors and genealogy classes for the community; and the City of Boston Arts and Culture Opportunity Grant to assist field trips based on history & theater learning for our youth.