Mission: ReIdren Business Group (/ˈriːˈ aɪ drən ˈbɪznɪs gruːp/) helps Black folks think better of ourselves through knowledge of our Roots, Universal Political Fluency and Quality Work Skills.

Vision: In four years, the ReIdren Business Group is working globally, helping our people to:

1) know our family Roots,

2) know how to carry that knowledge in the 'world', facing it straight-on with greater understanding and Fluency, and then,

3) use Quality Work Skills to participate thoughtfully, confidently and with expected effect in their working organizations (families, neighborhoods, communities) in a manner befitting IDREN that did so once before: Re-IDREN.


Google Wallet: joel @ reidren dot com

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Paypal: www.paypal.me/reidren




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D Plez Podcast w/Bro. Joel (at min28:22) Discuss what the slaving system was AND is, what it should NOT be called and more. Part 1 (here).

BNN Video with Sis. S. Hinton & Bro. Ayo - On Another Level

Patti Lee TV (Boston Praise Radio & TV).

Juneeteenth Festival - Worcester MA.

Roxbury Community College - Black Lives & Deep Leadership (lecture on eve of Mike Brown’s murderer D. Wilson non-indictment).

Somerville Community Access TV - Black History is World History

BNN Interviews with Hafeezah Bell - Keepin It Real


Various presentations, workshops & classes.