Black Connections MFA Walking tour


Join Bro. Joel for an evening of connecting our African memory in the MFA galleries. The 90 minute walking tour has an ambitious goal: to make the distance smaller between the world that is presented to us (usually violently and often without us in it) and another parallel world where we try to recover all that we know we know but can’t remember, and all we know we don’t know, but is a world that is all the same truly ours. We can begin to do this under the large roof of the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) discussing our humanity from Nile pottery to New England slaver finery.



DATE: February 27, 2019

6:30pm -8:00pm

Meet at the main entrance of the museum at 465 Huntington Ave. at 6:25pm

(limited space)

$15.00 per adult, children under 14 free


About Your Guide

    Bro. Joel Mackall is an award winning Educator & Project Developer with the ReIdren Business Group based in Roxbury MA.  He was the co-founder of the SOS Living Museum, the Hidden History of Black Boston Tours, the Nubian Writer's Group and is a self-published author.  He has also served as secretary of the Cameroonians of Lowell Association, as an officer on the Warren Gardens Housing Cooperative board, on the advisory council of the Network of Immigrant and African American Solidarity and as a technology chairperson with the Black Community Information Center. 

    Bro. Joel presented "Excellence AND Culture: Operating Your Cooperative Better, Simpler and Truer" at the National Association of Housing Cooperatives Annual Conference in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands and "Why Do We Black Folks Hate On Each Other?" at the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations' Ancient Egyptian Studies Conference in Newark, NJ.  He has led/facilitated numerous professional workshops in Greater Boston on topics including genealogy, African & world history , business design and technology at the Freedom House, Mother Caroline Academy, Warren Gardens, Roxbury Multi-Service Center, Roxbury Community College, Emerson College, Lesley College, South Bay House of Correction, almost all of the BPL neighborhood branches and Walden Square Technology Center (north Cambridge), in both English and Spanish. To build, drop a message in the form (smile).

Bro. Joel Mackall

Bro. Joel Mackall

Please join us in this one of a kind tour to connect OurStory artifacts from Nubia to the ‘Commonwealth’ at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 465 Huntington Ave, Boston