Business Design (Coaching/Consulting)

Interested in organizing your business idea?  Developing a non-profit, association, or leadership/stakeholder skills?  We use hands-on meetings & workshops to help you to:

  1. make better decisions, and

  2. control and strengthen your ideas and processes to help those decisions stay in place.

We help you design viability ('health') into your new business idea & to operate your business/organization better, simpler and truer.

Teaching & Programs

ReIdren actively delivers quality classes & programs every day to a number of locations in Boston, Cambridge & on-line.

  • Mondays: Pan-African History & Genealogy

  • Tuesdays/Thursdays: Smartphones for Elders & Hidden History of Black Boston Online Live Course

  • Mon-Fri: Afterschool & Life Skills and Technology Programs, Cambridge MA.

By Appointment:

  • Business/Organization Design

  • Technology Projects

  • History Projects

  • Genealogy Projects


Business Design Workshop

Features the d.BOBO business modelling tool that organizes your business from end to end and top to bottom.  Non-profit and existing groups too.  How Tos include: 

  • clarify true mission and vision

  • plan research & focus on insight

  • sketch delivery channels

  • i.d. customer voice/needs

  • map internal activities & workspace (including costs and quality)

  • create brand, promotion and salesfunnel

Consultations available as well as a full day workshop.


Mission & Vision Statement Workshop

A two hour workshop that establishes they 'why' (mission) of your organization business or initiative.  Why did you create it, join it, hire folks to work at it, ask stakeholders to believe in it?  A simple and TRUE statement must be clear to those you serve as well as those who are to deliver the services/product ('en-missioned').  We also help you establish a simple useful vision: where this organization/business 'be' (size, scope, expertise, leader of the field, best in class) at a measurable time in the accessible future. 


Process Mapping Workshop

This workshop covers process mapping fundamentals, digitizing your maps and features direct hands-on mapping of a critical process in your organization.  Process thinking can eliminate 'poor' quality and help indicate the health of an organization, especially in 'service' and 'transactional' work.


Presentation (slide deck) CRITs

Are your reports and presentations difficult for stakeholders or clients/customers to follow?  Do your flyers or general visuals need better organization?  This session covers the fundamentals of information design and visualizing data/text/illustrations to provide stronger insight instead of confusion in slide decks, brochures & other promotional materials, reports (internal and external), presentations and even websites that your team produces.  Crits (critiques), can be a short as 15 minutes or week long projects).  We can distill and redesign your keynote, powerpoint, word, or other presentation into the valuable deck your customers think of as clear and understandable.


Resources for Small Business & Organization Leaders: - 200+biz/org ideas - basic research about an industry or topic (id top blogs and popular posts)

Google Voice - for a free phone # link to your cell

Google My Business -

Gmail for Business -

Sankey Diagram - tool to see your operating budget (insight from data)

HOW to Build Powerful Frameworks to Teach What You Know, (as freelancer, entrepreneur or small business startup)  

How to generate leads from a blog

How to build trust with your audience: good copy text

Great looking proposals made easy: goprospero

Must SEE Videos

1. Excellent workshop by Chris Do at Futur Inc. discussing how to price your service (applies across industries).

2. Excellent video on having different ideas for a business logo.

3. TED talk: Simon Sinek "The Golden Circle".  This is a solid (though ego-filled) talk related to mission/vision statement writing

4.  How to set goals (and rich channel about a creative/practical note-taking method)

5. How to Set Up An Online Ecommerce Business in 5 Simple Steps


Student Learning Resources:

Productivity & Key Apps



libreoffice (ms office alternative)

PhotoScan (scanner app)

Tinyfax (small fee for app)

vlc media player

gimp (image editor)


google keep (talk to text and picture text to text - OCR)

google calendar

audacity audio editor

fruity loops music editor

google earth


Google Security Tool

FREE Google alternatives to Commercial Fonts

Compare Smartphones

Product Warranty (upsie)

Presentation Templates $$


google tranlsate

FSI language courses

Talkify - text to speech (highlight a website's text & have it read to you).