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Price: $15.00 (all ages) includes: 2hrs+ (20mi distance), map, reading materials & snack.  Book early (smile).



NEW Y'all: get the "Q-u-e-e-n-s only" or the "Men And Women" version of The ANKOBIA POSTER 13" x 19" for ONLY $5.00 ea. Test your FAMILY. Build the ReMemory. Unrolled in bag, includes: BLACK LEADERS answer key sheet (plus blank side), award certificate & activities sheet.

hmu: joel @reidren.com

We only got 100 in inventory, holla fast (smile). Will deliver in Boston for orders of 4 or more.  (...or arrange pickup in Dudley Sq. area).


Celebrate 2016 by purchasing an Ankobia Poster.  This is the perfect gift for your family and friends. The poster is a teaching/learning tool that displays 164 of Black Leaders who led the battle in commitment & courage (ANKOBIA) in many different areas of human achievement.  

The Ankobia Poster has women & men from all over the Afrikan diaspora (African-Americans, Islanders, Afro-Latinos, Afro-Asians) as well as those from back home. Anyone can put it up in their room, office or class; it is for the beginner AND for the hardcore historian.


The Large Ankobia Poster is a 24"x36" teaching & learning tool. Ankobia has 164 men and women. Ankobia WOMEN poster has 112 women. Both include: blank answer sheet, award certificate & 'correct names' list: $15.00  (OUT OF STOCK)

Liven up your room, kitchen, office or give it as a gift: what better way to go back to school positive.  LOL and OMG your way through the day for the cost of a pizza that you will probably order and eat in good humor as you andyour friends try your best to outguess or out-memorize each other.  112 faces of Afrikan Women Ankobia (those who lead the battle in commitment and courage).  We also have the original 164 face poster of Ankobia.