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In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, wealth is not that common for black folks. Our median household net worth in the Greater Boston region is $8, compared to $247,500 for whites. What if it moved to $108? ..or to $1,008? or even just to $10,008? What would that mean?


It would mean a good number of us have started buying black. It would mean a smaller number of us would have started sustainable places to buy black. It would mean an even smaller slice of you signed up today for our dBOBO business/organization workshop: let’s design & build a business you love in 2019 & reverse those median wealth dollars now.


Training intensive workshop

dBOBO Canvas

Networking Opportunities

Write mission & vision statement

Plan research & narrow your focus

Identify customer voice and needsMap work activities & space (including costs & quality)

Generate & test new ideas

Create brand, promotion, sales funnel & more…

Do you need to learn how to design, run & expand a viable business?

Come organize your business idea better, simpler and truer.


Tuesday March 5th, 2019 at 5:30pm Freedom House, Grove Hall 5 Crawford St.


Mr. Joel Mackall has been helping our company Butu International (African hair services and African home base products) for more than 12 years in the Brockton area. He has an excellent track record and is well known for his sense of initiative and persistence. A good example of these is the a fact that most of our new services and products come from his ideas. I am sure that he will help other businesses grow even more and do a great job in any training program. I greatly appreciate his time.
— Amadou Kane, President, Butu International Inc.
The ReIdren Business Group, has been inspirational to my organization, Parents Management, Incorporated. As a project manager for us, Joel is a very knowledgeable and determined young man. His directives has helped us create a business plan to strengthen our approach and to put our vision to work for the community we serve effectively. Our Organizational skills are getting better and
we are able to feel more confident completing each workshop. Thank you, Joel Mackall, Peace & Blessings!
— Hafeezah Bell, Parents Management Inc., President /Founder

About Your Workshop/Event Facilitator

    Bro. Joel Mackall is an award winning Educator & Project Developer with the ReIdren Business Group based in Roxbury MA.  He was the co-founder of the SOS Living Museum, the Hidden History of Black Boston Tours, the Nubian Writer's Group and is a self-published author.  He has also served as secretary of the Cameroonians of Lowell Association, as an officer on the Warren Gardens Housing Cooperative board, on the advisory council of the Network of Immigrant and African American Solidarity and as a technology chairperson with the Black Community Information Center. 

    Bro. Joel presented "Excellence AND Culture: Operating Your Cooperative Better, Simpler and Truer" at the National Association of Housing Cooperatives Annual Conference in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands and "Why Do We Black Folks Hate On Each Other?" at the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations' Ancient Egyptian Studies Conference in Newark, NJ.  He has led/facilitated numerous professional workshops in Greater Boston on topics including genealogy, African & world history , business design and technology at the Freedom House, Mother Caroline Academy, Warren Gardens, Roxbury Multi-Service Center, Roxbury Community College, Emerson College, Lesley College, South Bay House of Correction, almost all of the BPL neighborhood branches and Walden Square Technology Center (north Cambridge), in both English and Spanish. To learn more/contact Joel at cell# below or drop a message in the form.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: I don’t have a business plan or business idea, is that ok?

We encourage registered participants to bring any research you've done or any important documents/media that you might have regarding your business idea/plan.  If you don't have any in mind that is ok too.  We are going to start at the beginning and cover a lot of ground in the time alotted (smile).  

Q2: Are there any resources that we can exploit before the workshop?

Yes (smile). Click on these links:

www.reidren.com/teaching (bottom esp. videos)
www.facebook.com/groups/dbobo  (req. FB a/c)
https://www.pinterest.com/reidren/business-organization-development-consulting/ (req. a/c)

Q3: Is there any discounts available for participants?

There are discounts on groups and young adults. Contact Joel for more information


Sign up today for our dBOBO business/organization workshop and organize your business from end to end and top to bottom. Let’s create a business you love in 2019