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Mission: ReIdren Business Group helps Black folks develop knowledge of our Roots, Universal Political Fluency and Quality Work Skills

Vision: In four years, ReIdren is working globally helping our people to 1) know our Roots, 2) know how to sow that knowledge in the 'world', facing it straight-on with greater understanding and Fluency, and 3) then use Quality Work Skills to participate thoughtfully, confidently and with expected effect in their working organizations in a manner befitting Idren that did once before: Re-IDREN.

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Have a question or feedback?  Call: SNL.REIDREN (765.734.3736) or complete the form.

Want to share your ideas, stay informed or submit your work experience?  Email: info at reidren.com

Mailing address: PO Box 240165, Dorchester, MA 02124

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General Service Sheet

 Idjeli Theater Works Partnership Workshop



Hidden History of Black New England (Boston) Group




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