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Consulting & Facilitation Services Overview

Interested in organizing your business?  Business models? Organization design?  Developing a non-profit or association?  Defining your business ideas can be easier if we use tools.  Whatever size or stage, ReIdren helps your Organization/Business operate better, operate simpler and operate truer, with SPECIAL focus on Black & Latino serving organizations.  We use hands-on workshops where dynamic facilitators deliver tools to allow leaders, staff & stakeholders to 1) make better decisions and 2) control and strengthen key processes, designs and systems that will help those decisions stay in place.  Set up time with us to get your business or organization healthy and with direction.  Phone 765.734.3736 or flip us a note in the form.

Workshop for Organizing your BUSINESS ideas

Features the d.BOBO business modelling tool that organizes your business from end to end and top to bottom.  Non-profit and existing groups too.  How Tos include: 

  • clarify true mission and vision
  • plan research & focus on insight
  • sketch delivery channels
  • i.d. customer voice/needs
  • map internal activities & workspace (including costs and quality)
  • create brand, promotion and salesfunnel

& much more available in one full day workshop as well as consulting.

Mission & vision statement workshop

A two hour workshop that establishes they 'why' (mission) of your organization business or initiative.  Why did you create it, join it, hire folks to work at it, ask stakeholders to believe in it?  A simple and TRUE statement must be clear to those you serve as well as those who are to deliver the services/product ('en-missioned').  We also help you establish a simple useful vision: where this organization/business 'be' (size, scope, expertise, leader of the field, best in class) at a measurable time in the accessible future. 

Process Mapping WORKSHOP

This 2 hour workshop covers process mapping fundamentals, digitizing your maps and features direct hands-on mapping of a critical process in your organization.  Process thinking can eliminate 'poor' quality and help indicate the health of an organization, especially in 'service' and 'transactional' work.

INFORmation design & handling for organizations

Are your reports and presentations difficult for stakeholders or clients/customers to follow?  Are your flyers or general visuals need improved organization?  This 2 hour workshop covers the fundamentals of basic information design and visualizing data/text/illustrations to provide stronger insight instead of confusion in the brochures & other promotional materials, reports (internal and external), presentations and even websites that your team produces.

For more: stop by any location, or call Joel at (765) 734-3736 (y se habla espanol hermanos).

Small Business & Organization Design & Improvement Resources: - 200+biz/org ideas - basic research about an industry or topic (id top blogs and popular posts)

Google My Business -

Sankey Diagram - tool to see your operating budget (insight from data)  Author calls it: HOW to Build Powerful Frameworks to Teach What You Know, but it could just as well be called how to build powerful frameworks to teach what you offer (as freelancer, entreprenuer or small business startup)  

TED talk: Simon Sinek "The Golden Circle"; This is a solid (though ego-filled) talk related to mission/vision statement writing 


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Development Clients

National Association of Housing Cooperatives

Idjeli Theater Works

Project Hip Hop 

Life Symphony Inc.

Network of Immigrants and African Americans in Solidarity

Freedom House

Black Community Information Center

Vibrant Boston