News: We are honored to deliver Genealogy programs at the Freedom House in Grove Hall thanks to the Friends of Dudley Branch Library of BPL.

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"Ankobia" in Twi means those who lead the battle in commitment and courage.  Ankobia6 (A6), is a 'finding family roots' program for individuals or small groups of community residents.  It involves research, discovery and presentation (story-telling).  Participants move through six phases of global genealogy and history for beginners (A6):

A1. Why Roots?   A2. Autobiography   A3. Elders   A4. Sasha & Zamani (ancestors 'in' living memory and 'beyond' living memory)   A5. Afrika I Belong (deep ancestry)   A6. Bearing Tradition (sharing/story-telling event)

Do not be mistaken, the object of the man is not to make a carpenter, but the object of a carpenter is to make a man.
— W.E.B. DuBois


Do you run an organization in need of Family Research teaching? Are you coordinating your Family Reunion and want to make the most of it? Are you that 1 person taking responsibility for organizing all the wonderful family history (but feels like its a mess and scattered)? Our Ankobia6 (A6) program is for you. We are all aware of the toll that lack of self-knowledge and self-respect and mis-education can take on our community.  A6 helps:

  1. Build intelligent family research plans.

  2. Generate findings that carry values & traditions forward.

  3. Receive training in basic genealogy research, spreadsheet use, internet navigation and other skills needed to re-construct our own personal family history and align it to the wider global Ourstory.


ReIdren Staff can also map out the specific next steps of your research-to recover your Personal History better, deeper & with meaning.  Why pay someone $55/hr over a 20 hour project plus expenses as a genealogist (sometimes adding up to well over $2,000) when we can teach YOU to do YOUR OWN RESEARCH effectively in just a few hours time to much deeper impact.  All you need is access to the internet & a printer and a library card.  You will soon be discovering information on your family you had NO IDEA about before.  Bring us in today.