A FREE full day field trip - retreat on Saturday

SAT. June 3rd (2017) 8:00am to 8:00pm

This free program is first come first serve: only 6 males and 6 females can participate in this special one day educational/unity retreat. 

Name *
Phone *
If i am under age 18, and accepted for the program, i will download and print this form to have my parent/guardian complete before 5/27: * (permssion slip-due 5/ week before retreat).
I understand this trip requires me to be curious, ask questions, be daring and be open to new experience/learning: *
I understand this trip requires me to sacrifice some ego, some time and some cell phone use: *

We will confirm if your application to participate in this trip is accepted or if your application will be waitlisted for the next trip as soon as possible.  There are only 12 spots (six for each gender).  Thank you for your interest in bringing the community together and lifting vibrations,

Staff at the ReIdren Business Group.

Meeting time: 8:00 am SHARP at the management office on Saturday June 3rd.

On this trip we will be going to a site of slavery in Medford MA and then on a memory ritual to a location in the White Mountains of New Hampshire: all in one day (8am to 8pm).  We are looking for a group of 12 mature young folks from Warren Gardens.  Must: 

  • be age 15 to 22 years old
  • be curious, open to new experience and daring
  • be willing to participate in the day's learning activities
  • be patient and willing to sacrifice some ego, some time and some cell phone use
  • have parent's permission form completed before trip if under age 18. 

Lunch and dinner meals along with transportation is FREE/will be provided.  This special one day event is fully sponsored by the ReIdren Business Group.  Project developer: Bro. Joel

Permission slip for youth under age 18 years old: